Why Africa's girls will engineer the future

October 19, 2017
LTCI is very pleased to share a link of one of our clients giving a TED Talk:

Tom Ilube is a really great person, having been named Black Man of the Year for his work in setting up a school in Ghana, to attract girls from all over Africa to study Physics, Maths and other subjects to A Level. This means that whatever their previous lack of opportunity, Tom is ensuring they now have the chance to excel in their studies, with a view to changing things for Africa as a whole in the future.
His talk is utterly inspiring and can be watched at:


Variety is the spice of tai chi!

August 29, 2017
One of the great things about this job is the wide variety of clients and classes!
LTCI's clients have included:

Corporate events, Kew Friends Week, festivals and short courses, dementia groups, individual learners for private tuition, Muslim women's groups and health club classes among others. We do every size of group from individuals, to small groups, then up to 150 participants, depending on our clients' requirements.

It's just great getting to meet all sorts of people from all walks of...
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Update to how you can help with the tower block fire

June 15, 2017

Online donations can be given at dispossessedfund.org.uk

i went along this morning to drop off some cash and was able to do so at the first Community Centre I came to, two minutes walk away from Latimer Road station, turn right as you come out the station. You can't turn left, as the road is blocked with police tape. One of many community centres and local amenities and religious places of all faiths that have opened their doors to help out in this disaster.
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How you can help with the London tower block fire

June 15, 2017
I know this isn't tai chi, but it is a London emergency. They're asking people to volunteer to help distribute what they have. They're also asking for cash donations. Please help if you can!
These people need help NOW, but I have just heard the Government will do nothing until after the Queen's Speech. Action this day from ordinary people is needed!

221 Walmer Road,
W11 4EY

95 Sirdar Road,
W11 4EQ

Jubilee House,
210 Lat...

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21 people turned up in the rain!

May 15, 2017
For the first day of Friends Week, I woke up at 4am, like a kid waking early for Christmas! Only to discover it was pouring with rain, so I wondered how many people, if any, would turn up in such weather?

Well, I was pleasantly surprised to find that 21 brave souls turned up early morning on a Monday, on a rainy day, to try out tai chi at Kew Gardens.. Luckily the spot we'd chosen has a nice huge tree, like a giant umbrella, big enough for people to have room to move without bumping into each ...
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Friends Week at Kew Gardens 15-21 May 2017

April 24, 2017
This is my favourite event of the year - Friends Week in the stunning setting of Kew Gardens has a range of exciting and fascinating activities exclusively for Friends of Kew, to celebrate their continuing support to the Gardens.
Last year, I had the great pleasure of running tai chi sessions, then wandering around the Gardens to try out these lovely, special things!
Details of all the activities on offer are at http://www.kew.org/kew-gardens/whats-on/friends-week
Tai chi sessions will be at 9:0...
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Christmas, Auld Acquaintance and New Beginnings

December 19, 2016
Christmas is almost upon us again - be excellent to each other! By all means enjoy family, feasting and fun, but also remember that Christmas is a time to think of being supportive to others and doing something good to help people. Particularly at this time of year, think about the homeless - The Big Issue is one of the charities that help, by giving "a hand up, not a hand out". If you look at one of my Kabuto Noodles videos, you will see a couple of Big Issue vendors who spontaneously enjoye...
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Amazon Kindle book - Teaching Kids Tai Chi by Fiona Anderson

August 8, 2016
I have to thank a lot of people for bringing this book to fruition, but most especially the kids! My kids class showed me immediately what worked and what didn't, so this book is the result of continuous feedback from them.
I had a number of people helping me with it - who are all thanked in the book - but most importantly it was the parents who trialled it on their own kids, or the other instructors who tested it when giving their own lessons, that really helped make it a very practical book....

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Dealing with chaos.

June 28, 2016

This week's events have been traumatic, to say the least. Every client I've seen has been in shock, as I am myself. So how to deal with the feelings? The help and support of friends and family is great, obviously, but we're all in pain together and switching off to it is very hard.

One thing I found that helps both myself and my clients is to do the tai chi form counting – these take so much concentration, that after an hour of doing purely that, both they and I had managed not to think ...

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Relax into being yourself!

May 6, 2016

So many people are stressed, that they find it hard to relax into just being themselves. There's always a deadline, or a difficult task, or demanding people; always something that works against being relaxed.

When I first started tai chi, I was extremely stressed and one of my friends asked how I could possibly manage to go out to tai chi after work, but tai chi was the only time I could just do things, just work at my own pace, just be myself. Indeed, knowing I had tai chi in the eveni...

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