Kabuto Noodles.

When Kabuto Noodles wanted a Tai Chi expert, for their latest campaign, they came to London Tai Chi Instructors. As they said in their press release:

The upmarket instant noodle maker Kabuto Noodles, is helping beat the January blues by showing stressed out workers how to alleviate worries and anxieties in less than five minutes. Kabuto Noodles’ very own Tai Chi expert has taken to the streets to demonstrate that utilising the five minutes in which it takes to prepare a pot of Kabuto Noodles, to practice a brief moment of Tai Chi relaxation can have positive effects* for wellbeing throughout the year.

As part of a week long series coinciding with Blue Monday on the 20th January, Kabuto Noodles will share daily Tai Chi instructional videos across its social media channels promoting ‘The Kabuto Way’. The Kabuto Tai Chi expert will cover moves such as ‘Embrace the Tiger and Return to Mountain’ and ‘Single Whip’. Kabuto Noodles is also running a competition throughout the week to put the public’s Tai Chi skills to the test asking people to submit videos of their Tai Chi moves across all social channels tagging #TheKabutoWay. The winner, announced on Friday 24th January, will win an exclusive Tai Chi session for them at the location of their choice.”

Fiona Anderson, Tai Chi expert commented:

Tai Chi is an age-old tradition of the east that more and more people are adopting into their lifestyle to manage stress and anxiety. Short bursts are great to focus the mind, and easy for anyone to do anywhere. Working with Kabuto has been a great opportunity to raise awareness of the benefits of Tai Chi and the positive effects just five minutes can have on your wellbeing. The reaction from people we visited was fantastic, just popping into their place of work to demonstrate the Tai Chi moves showed them how easy it is to take five minutes of peace for themselves.”

Crispin Busk, founder of Kabuto Noodles, commented:

The Tai Chi sessions with the public have had an awesome response, meditation is an effective way for busy workers to take time out for themselves and help survive a demanding month. Also, some people are tempted to eat Kabuto Noodles before they’re ready, so this is a great way to show a bit of patience & demonstrate how to perfectly prepare our noodles, ‘The Kabuto Way’”

You can find pictures from the photo shoot here and the daily videos on some of the other pages.