Talking at the club tonight, my brother came up with a wonderful analogy, which I am shamelessly stealing: He said that your natural talent at whatever may not be obvious, but may become clear later "like you may not be the best at calligraphy, but later you could turn out to be a wonderful author".

This is a wonderful thought - instead of looking for instant natural talent at whatever, just keep doing stuff, so that eventually you will be in a position for your talent to manifest itself. 

I know that when I first started with tai chi, it was a struggle. I struggled with concentration, with noticing anything, with memory, with taking in anything my teachers were telling me. In short, I was a rubbish student, but I did have one quality that really mattered - persistence. I just kept doing it, even if I was doing it wrong, and eventually I learned and improved. 

I have yet to discover my talent at whatever, but just keep on doing and enjoying. This morning I was early for my session at a conference in Westminster, so I moseyed over to St James Park and had a great time, doing tai chi near vast numbers of daffodils and near the lake too. A beautiful way to start the day - and no spaghetti hands in sight! (g)