Tai chi is full of wow! moments.... Yesterday was another new revelation, and this after 7 years training - tai chi continues to come up with new stuff.  Keep on persisting with your training and these moments can be yours too.

My first wow! moment was when I was told I was improving - having been a klutz and a sport-avoider, the concept of improving hadn't been in me at all. Then, after months of training, I was graded to my first belt. I'd always thought grading was something for other talented people, but persistence and practise had got me there wow! again.

Constantly in  my training through the years, just when I've felt hopelessly awful, that's when I've started making progress, followed by a wow! moment shortly afterwards. Never give up and you too will have many wow! moments.

The latest one I can't describe, except to say it's done my arthritis absolute wonders. If you have any bodily problems, then those wow! moments may well help you as much as they've helped me. Persist, persist, persist. As a person with zero natural talent, persistence has got me beyond those with natural talent who've fallen by the wayside, since they never had to work at improving anything before. May you too go wow! with your tai chi training revelations!