I love it when the magazine (*) pops through my letterbox, as it's a really interesting read!

(*) Tai Chi Chuan magazine, which your instructor can easily get some recent issues for you, or which you can join the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain, to get your own copies as part of your membership.

This months issue no. 46 has an interview with Grandmaster Wu Kwong Yu, which is obviously of interest to all Wu style players. Also included are articles on meditation, qigong (chi kung), event reviews, such as The London Competition (run by the Bethnal Green Wu's Academy), etc. The breadth of articles from different stylists is what I find really great - there is no party line, just a dedication to promoting the art and touching on a huge range of tai chi subjects over time.

For Wu style practitioners, issue no. 38 is also fascinating, as it features an interview with Gary Wragg, a founding member of the TCUGB, with many tai chi achievements under his belt - too many indeed to even list here.  It is my privilege to have him as my teacher, and I thoroughly recommend anyone wanting to try out tai chi, to make their way to Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy in Bethnal Green www.wustyle-europe.com for a gentle but thorough introduction, eventually leading on through the various levels.

I myself only went there at first, because it was 2 minutes' walk from Bethnal Green Underground station - I was looking for somewhere easy to get to! Well, after 8 years, I can certainly say I love it there! I have improved so much from my initial being a total klutz with no memory to where I am now an instructor, enjoying my tai chi, and enjoying being with all the lovely people I have met through tai chi!