Following on from the previous blog, how do you improve your posture?

Well try bending your knees and "sitting" with your back against a wall - you will immediately feel how curved your spine is.

A certain amount of curvature is normal - the spine is designed to have an S shape - but if your spine is curved too much, then feel your lower vertebrae and mentally and physically feel them pushed more towards that wall.

You will also notice if your shoulders touch the wall or not - they should touch it - if they don't, then your upper body is probably leaning forward, putting extra stress on your knees. Practise sitting against that wall and feeling your shoulders pressed back until they touch the wall.

Similarly with the back of your head - it also should touch the wall. Very many people walk around looking downwards, or when they work, it's with their head forward to read a computer screen or whatever. This really needs addressed, as your head weighs a significant amount, so if it's forward, it will result in your body contorting into shapes to compensate.

If you do tai chi, you will become aware of your body and if you notice serious or consistent poor posture which isn't becoming corrected through tai chi practice, then you should visit a chiropracter, to get professional help in correcting posture, along with specific exercises to address particular posture problems.

It's worth getting posture sorted as early as possible - poor posture has negative health implications, which can and should be nipped in the bud. Tai chi will help you spot these for yourself, and will give advice on a range of general practises to improve posture. Take it seriously - you have only one body!