I get a number of one off event bookings, including 2 different ones recently.

The first was for the London College of Communication, who were having a wellness day, with tai chi as part of that. We all went to a park near to the college, where there were lovely trees and flowers to practise among; a beautiful setting.

With everyone being a beginner, I concentrated on things that everyone could follow and feel good - a mixture of warm ups, tai chi  walking, single forms, with a bit of chi kung and self-massage to finish with. All in all, a wonderful start to their day of wellness activities.

One chap after the session asked me about tai chi for self defence, so when the others had departed for their next activity, we stayed behind in the park, so I could teach him some self defence applications suitable for beginners.  He enjoyed that so much, he was overjoyed to find out the simplicity of the moves. Nice and easy way to make someone feel happy!

The other recent booking was for Oxford House in Bethnal Green, who were also doing a wellness day.  They had a great location, right beside a park, but everything was indoors, because of the variety of activities for people to move around trying out. Again, people had fun - they didn't know what to expect, but were soon into it and enjoying themselves. If you're a non-exerciser, then finding something you can do gently and still get lots of benefit from, is a wonderful  revelation!

I always like teaching these one-off events, because people are always so happy after trying it out. This is so satisfying for me as a teacher, that people feel inspired!