In January, I was asked to do a series of short videos for an advert for Kabuto Noodles. Obviously I was up for this, as I love having a go at new things and this sounded fun! I was followed around London for a day with a camera production team and a photographer - it was an absolutely freezing day, but glorious good fun!

We started on a boat on the Thames, with bright blazing sun and bitterly biting wind.... Still, the first "guinea pig" was up for it, copying various tai chi movements, as I gave him instruction in how to do them. Several thousand takes later, we had enough footage for a short video, so the photographer then directed me into modelling tai chi poses for him. "Right a bit, left, lean, turn so the logo is clearly visible, hold it..." A real test of balance on a boat, especially the one-legged stances!

Then we visited other locations - a market, a Tube station, a man in a van, an office. At all of them, people tried out various tai chi moves, copying me with my verbal instructions too. Everybody seemed to have great fun, with such a different break from their normal routine. It was great for me too - I love teaching tai chi, it's my perfect job, a dream come true!

I loved it when the Big Issue sellers at Farringdon had a go too - The Big Issue is one of my favourite charities, as they are enabling people at rock bottom to better themselves by their own efforts. The Big Issue motto is "a hand up, not a hand out" and their vendors are absolutely deserving of respect, for clawing their way up from the worst possible circumstances! I never give to beggars in the street, but I like to buy the Big Issue, to support the vendors who pay for their copies upfront, so they've taken that risk themselves selling-wise. The Big Issue also supports vendors into more secure accommodation and training, so they can aim at a better life, giving hope to the formerly hopeless.

Anyway a great day all round and you can see the videos and photos at