On Wednesdays I do a drop in session at MIND in Tower Hamlets.  This is a free class, and open to anyone to drop into.

As well as the known health benefits of tai chi, it's also very good for helping relieve mental issues.

In the short term, this is because the need to concentrate on the precise movements will take your mind out of your negative thought spiral. It's also helpful doing something that you're all helping each other improve, which gives you back some control in at least one area of your life - many issues are caused or exacerbated by feeling you have no control over your own life, so something that addresses that too is very beneficial.

Over the long term, tai chi will help develop a stronger mind, through learning its various disciplines and progressing through  the levels. Regular practise of tai chi  is so beneficial, that I wish  I'd taken it up decades earlier :)

Anyway, come along and try it!