As the title says, Happy New Year to everyone!

After a holiday spent indulging in concentrated eating, drinking, fun and presents, time to get back into the normal routine, This is a great opportunity to take stock of things at home (recycling, cleaning, tossing out, starting new projects), but also to take stock of things in life too.

It's easy to get into habits, without thinking, yet we all have only one life, so thinking about what makes our life a positive experience and what doesn't is essential. For myself, I try to balance what I need to do to pay the bills with how that makes me and my clients feel, then look at other non-work activities too.

Thus this year, I have decided not only to continue with the tai chi that I love, but also to re-learn my German, take up helping the Green cause, restart my painting, visit exhibitions and museums, and take advantage of the opportunities available in London, the most cosmopolitan city in the world!

You notice I haven't mentioned diets or the like, that people obsess about... Yes, I put on weight after two weeks of continuous chomping, but it will fall off as I revert to my normal habits, so I don't worry about these things any more. (For details of my habits, read my previous blog)

Enjoy your life!