Rarely do I give dietary advice... but today it seems appropriate:)  I have every intention of stuffing myself to the gills with the lovingly cooked food prepared by my almost-in-laws tomorrow!  IMO the best thing is to eat healthily most of the time, then enjoy those occasional lapses and festive feastings as they come round.... particularly if someone else is  doing the cooking! :)

Normally, I prepare loads of fresh veggies with spices and freeze around 16-20 portions of mixed veg in ice cream tubs, filling said tubs. That way I can either just have a swift veg snack, or add fish, chicken, tofu or whatever for a healthy meal in minutes.  But departing from the diet is good too - I enjoy good food and taking time out to relax from anything is important.

As for diet, so for tai chi... During the Xmas period, I am doing minimal exercise, but as soon as Xmas is over, then I will return to my usual schedule.  I do this every year, so not only do I look forward to Xmas as a time of relaxation and mirth, but also I look forward to getting back to my normal routine :)

Many people make New Year's resolutions about getting healthier and so forth, but often fall by the wayside, because of being unable to maintain whatever changes they've taken on. I'm sure that if I'd gone to a gym with working out on machines or whatever, I'd have given up shortly too. I'd have got bored pretty quickly doing stuff without some kind of other input. The reasons I've stuck with tai chi are many :
  • making new friends
  • learning to relax and de-stress
  • learning stuff I can then do myself
  • starting a programme that I can choose how much or how little I do
  • going to parks and nice places
  • developing a taste for Chinese things - paintings, clothes, culture and obviously food :)
  • looking for opportunities to be kind, which makes me feel good too:)
Enjoy the festive season, to the full while its here! Think about what you can do to take small sustainable steps to improve afterwards - things you can do that are manageable and will make you feel  good. Don't go for the Big Fix, as that won't last.
Say one nice thing to someone every day, that will really help you relax into your true self. Meanwhile just go with the flow and enjoy!  Merry Xmas!