My book on how to teach children tai chi is almost writing itself... I've done three quarters of it, just having to finish off some of the text.

Then the next stage is for two of my friends (with permission of the parents) to take photos of the kids class doing various tai chi things. 100s of photos, so we can whittle them down and use the nicest and most appropriate.

While I'm intending to publish it as an ebook, I'm also having a friend look into printing off a small number of actual books, so each of the kids can have their own personal copy, as well as me having spares for review copies to send off to various tai chi magazines.

It's all very exciting, and as with all projects of mine, it's been made possible through the help of my boyfriend and my other friends, and of course with the willing help of the kids. They were excited to think they would be getting hold of a book featuring them! Great kids!