I haven't been posting here for a while, due to flu. Getting back to practise was a real relief, after so long just fevered-out, but I felt really weak for the first few days. Still, keeping at it has helped me get back to fighting fit and able to do stuff again. Going to a club to train is good, as I see my friends again and they encourage me to get more done, so all good.

Despite the rain and winter grey skies (blue would be nice some day!), it's always good to get out and doing - too long indoors and I turn into some kind of vegetable; my whole life feels like it's slowing down. So being up, out and getting stuck into stuff, means that when I come home I get more stuff achieved. Bookcases built, TV unit built, rearranging stuff generally.

Tai chi gives my life lots of different experiences - some days I spend with older people in community centres, some days at MIND, some days at the club, some days doing stuff like book buying (I will eventually succumb and buy a kindle, but I like browsing through a bookstore), meeting up with friends, painting and the like.

So being stuck indoors was deeply annoying, not only for the flu, but also for the cabin fever - amazing how quickly that comes on when you don't have a choice! Bye bye flu and back to living life to the full, thank goodness!