While we have a number of different types of clients (corporate / groups / individuals / etc), I always like doing community health events, because it's nice to give people the opportunity to engage with all sorts of services. The latest such event was a mixture of organisations: physical health, mental health, sports, healty eating, kids' activities and henna decorating.

I arrived early enough that I could talk to people from each of these organisations, including MIND (who had requested I do a tai chi session there), which is always interesting. This time I also spoke to  a "parkour" guy, who was showing a video of what his group did and how he'd adapted the parkour activities so that older people and disabled people could take part and enjoy simplified activities together.  Since loneliness among older people is on the increase, anything that is active that gets them out socialising with people at the same time has to be good!

Then later I led everyone in tai chi activities - I adapt the sessions to suit the venue or audience and here space was limited, so we did a mixture of single forms and chi kung, which people enjoyed. It's nice that people can try out something not too intimidating, so they may feel encouraged to join a local group afterwards.

I enjoyed doing the exercise bike - it was set up so that your cycling would turn a food processor to produce a smoothie - great idea! Another thing that was nice, was having my hands painted with henna in traditional patterns. The designers were very happy to do non-traditional things to request, so that several people were going around with henna cats on their hands! 

All in all, a nice day out!