Everyday wear for me is logo tshirt and training trousers, so it's nice to dress up once in a while. Dressing up was certainly required last night, when I went to an art book launch in a swanky tower block in Canary Wharf.... on the 30th floor, with stunning viewsin every direction.

My tai chi teacher, Sifu Gary Wragg, was having his book launched - it's a retrospective on the past decades of his art, with fantastic pictures all through it.

There were large (and I mean wall-sized large) paintings of his hung everywhere, so it took quite a while to walk round them all. Apparently the largest wouldn't fit in the goods lift, being 7m long. There were also a couple of really tiny ones, by contrast.

They were abstract art, which I myself am far to repressed to do (I like Tudor, Persian and Egyptian art, which all have specific rules), but is fasinating to see, especially to see so much of it. Freedom in abstraction!  People who want to see more can visit his own website at  http://www.garywraggstudio.co.uk/

Various tai chi friends turned up, and I caught up with my former chiropracter too ;)  I can't recommend him highly enough - starting tai chi meant I saw myself in huge mirrors and noticed something weird about my shape - hunched over, vulture neck, listing to one side, etc - which he cured, so now I am straight and look at myself happily in mirrors (no vanity there then! (g)).

Anyway, at the end of the evening our little group left en masse heading for the Tube, each carrying a tote bag with the 2 volume book set in it, so that we looked like some kind of group of cult members ;)