Christmas is almost upon us again - be excellent to each other! By all means enjoy family, feasting and fun, but also remember that Christmas is a time to think of being supportive to others and doing something good to help people. Particularly at this time of year, think about the homeless - The Big Issue is one of the charities that help, by giving "a hand up, not a hand out". If you look at one of my Kabuto Noodles videos, you will see a couple of Big Issue vendors who spontaneously enjoyed joining in. If you have time, either read or see the film of "A Street Cat Named Bob", which gives an insight into how The Big Issue helps the homeless turn their lives around.

Auld Acquaintance - this time of year I tear my hair out as I receive lovely cards; not for the much-appreciated cards, but for those that come from friends who have moved a couple of times, without passing on their latest address. So do please keep sending them, as I love to get them, but also remember to put your address on them somewhere, so I can reciprocate! Or email me at

New Beginnings - well, we are all about to jump off the cliff Brexit-wise, so need to think of ways to survive that keep us managing the stresses: meeting people at tai chi sessions is good, because we're all trying to de-stress, we're all nice people (well, in my experience!) and we're all trying to achieve something positive and we're all usually in very pleasant venues, all good really! Good news for the New Year is that LTCI is in negotiations about an upcoming event at a MAJOR venue, so fingers crossed that comes off!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!