This is a recurring theme among learners – they are so keen to get it right, that they worry about getting it wrong. A better approach is to not just accept that you are making mistakes, but to actually be happy that you are noticing your mistakes, as this means that you are on the road to being able to correct those mistakes and you are making good progress!

Whether you are in a class learning the single forms, or in a class learning their way through the form step by step, or in a class for chi kung (qigong), the mistakes are an essential part of your learning. The struggle is all part of improving and embedding your tai chi into both your mind memory and your body memory, so that eventually you will do it not only correctly, but also automatically, like riding a bike.

Of course, at that point, after you've learned your way through the mechanics of body movements, is when you need to learn how to concentrate your attention on the internal aspects of tai chi, so there's no mindless movement, but mindfulness in all your movements, which is why tai chi is referred to as “meditation in motion”.

So be happy about making mistakes!