Ok, so there I was doing this exercise, where the hands are moving in big circles in time with the hips.... Afterwards a friend told me I'd improve if I could do it feeling like my elbows are hanging down off my hands.

To say this sounded weird is an understatement. Anyway, I tried it, and could feel ... nothing different! But it preyed on my mind a couple of days (still no difference though) and my subconscious must have been working on it, because by the third day I just found myself feeling it - and a weird feeling it is too :)

The point is, even if something sounds weird and impossible, just having a go and letting your subconscious deal with it, can solve the problem. Like various chemists, who had chemistry problems and solved them through dreaming (I'm thinking Kekule and the benzene ring), having it in your conscious mind brings it to the attention of your subconscious, who can solve things in unexplainable ways.

Go elbows!