Through tai chi practise, you learn not only how to become a calmer person yourself, but also how to avoid becoming involved in difficult situations. Since you are calm, without ego, without anything to prove, then walking away becomes not only easier, but the default option.

For instance, today I went down to the park to practise and there was a group of around 5 youths on bikes making strange remarks to passers-by. Now, I could have thought that it's my right to practise in the park, and just gone ahead, taking in my stride any remarks, but I didn't think that would be particularly conducive to pleasant practise. So I wandered off and found a nice small car park behind a local civic centre, which was actually quite nice, with a couple of trees:

I was happily practising my san shous and using a twig to do my sabre and sword forms in this empty space, when suddenly in trouped around 50 people in suits and formal attire, who apologised for interrupting my practise... they weren't interrupting as they had plenty of room to make their way across the car park, but it was a bit surreal :)

Anyway, the point is that instead of engaging in a potential conflict situation, I found a peaceful situation and had a pleasant encounter, which was a much more positive outcome. May all your practises be as enjoyable! :)