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The Extra Inch by Karen Dabrowski

Posted by Fiona Anderson. on Thursday, June 26, 2014,

A new blog from our regular guest blogger, Karen Dabrowski. I love the way she builds this article up to lead to the main idea - enjoy!

The extra inch

I was rushing to work, in a hurry as usual. When I turned the corner into the street where my office is, I almost banged into a lady in a wheelchair. It was a manual wheel chair and she was pushing herself along slowly, inch by inch, with a suitcase on wheels attached to the wheel chair.

Determined and resolute she made her way up the...

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Kids class successes

Posted by Fiona Anderson. on Wednesday, June 4, 2014,
This past weekend, the London Competition for Traditional Tai Chi Chuan took place at the Clissold Leisure Centre.

My kids class did really well - as usual for them, they won various medals for Pushing Hands. They love pushing hands and the competition has a nice friendly atmosphere, so all the kids play together, whatever clubs they come from. They have a great time and the parents get to see what they can do.

The medal I'm really proud of them for is they got gold for their group form. This ...
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Let us pause by Karen Dabrowska

Posted by Fiona Anderson. on Wednesday, June 4, 2014,

A new blog from our guest blogger Karen Dabrowska, about pausing.

Fiona:  Karen's introduction is very interesting, since I take the opposite approach, trying to eliminate pauses, while still completing each movement, to aim at a smooth continuous form. Her approach has led to a most interesting train of thought, which I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I did, for its fascinating insights.

Let us pause

In the tai chi 108 form every movement starts with a pause. Each form must be gi...

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